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Illinois Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation for homeowners who are looking to help the environment. 

We help homeowners in various living situations power their whole house with the sun and save money on their electric bill. 


Illinois Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel installation for businesses who are looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

We help various small to large businesses build a sustainable business that powers itself with the sun in a money saving way.

Going Solar is Among The Cheapest and Most Money Saving
Home Improvement Project You Can do

Go Solar for $0 Down If Your Home Qualifies

Don't pay a penny out of pocket for solar panel installation if your home qualifies for $0 solar energy installation. You can partially pay for your solar panels with the money you get from selling your excess solar power.

25 Year Rate Guarantee

You have a fixed guaranteed price that your excess power will be bought for so you always know how much your solar energy will sell for.

25 Year Warranty

If anything happens to your solar energy system, we got you covered.

Illinois Solar Power is Known for making going solar easy


Illinois Solar Power is among the top solar providers in Illinois specializing in commercial and residential solar installation. Our trained Illinois solar installation team will give your home the ability to generate its own electricity. When you hire us to install solar panels on your home, you can be certain that you will be left with a fully functional solar energy system.

It is our goal to exceed any expectations you have with our high-quality solar equipment and service. We always complete the job to the best of our abilities, we guarantee our work meeting your environmental and money-saving needs.

We have years of experience with helping homeowners and businesses with panel installs in the Chicago, Illinois area, Crystal Lake & Oswego. We have formed a talented and experienced team of solar installers in Illinois that love to help businesses and homeowners generate their own power.

We have experience helping homeowners, property owners, business owners, schools, enterprises, home builders, governments, water districts, and many more types of people go solar in the most affordable way possible. 


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