Illinois Solar Power

A solar company that is Dedicated
to helping you go green!

A Solar Company That Truly Cares

Founded in 2016, Illinois Solar Power provides people affordable clean energy for their home. We have a proven process that makes going solar fast and easy. To keep it simple; we supply and install the solar panels for no upfront costs.

Lets Make generating your own electricity easy

Enjoy custom designed residential and commercial solar energy systems. Our solar panel installation services have a deep rooted purpose as a solution in reducing impact on the environment. You will soon learn how easy it is for our solar energy systems to provide you with the ability to generate your own electricity and have a positive impact on the environment.

Illinois Solar Power installs solar panels for homeowners and businesses across in the Chicago, Illinois area. Our Solar Power Company has an experienced team that is known for it’s customer service and care. We handle all parts of the process. We will design and instal your solar system. 

Once permitting is complete, we’ll install your system within a 24-hour window, while most installations take just 30 days from design to activation. Thanks to partnerships with a number of trusted companies, you’ll even find everything you need to increase the value of your panels and promote better well-being in one location.

Solar Experts You Can Trust


Hi everyone, my name is Johnny and I am your locale solar energy expert. I am originally from Southern California where solar is a norm and most people already use it in one form or another. When I was presented the opportunity to help Illinois launch the lease option with no up front cost I jumped at the opportunity. 

I am very passionate about solar energy. If we have the opportunity to produce and consume renewable energy we should do our best to do so. 

I have solar on my home and it works, wouldn’t you also like to know if it works for you? Learn more about going solar in Oswego with Jonny.


Hey there! I’m Trey Branham. My wife and I have been living out here to Illinois since 2018 and we have 2 beautiful girls who we dearly love. Ever since we had a little scare with our first daughter’s health, we realized even more how important it is to do our part in taking care of the environment. 

I love being able to help people go with renewable energy like solar, knowing that they will not only save money but help the environment as well. 

Please feel free to reach out to me, I’d love to see if I could help you make a difference in your world and in your wallet! Talk to you soon. Learn more about going solar in Crystal Lake with Trey.

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